Illinois State Capitol, Photo Courtesy of Illinois Office of TourismICCVB serves as a central source for legislative information and issues affecting the travel industry. The organization's Legislative Committee (see Committees) maintains an eye on the industry so that it can quickly inform the membership about proposed legislation and its potential impact. To help fulfill this role, ICCVB maintains a partnership with Turing Strategies. and other organizations.

The committee annually plans an industry-wide advocacy event in Springfield to meet with the legislation on the importance and impact of travel and tourism. Additionally, surveys are conducted from time-to-time, and the results are shared with the membership and used by the organization to help shape Illinois legislation that benefits the travel industry. Members will find the following resources to be helpful in their advocacy efforts.  FY23 Advocacy Priorities

ICCVB Municipal Hotel Tax Rate Data

Select this link to download a PDF document  of municipal tax rate data for a variety of ICCVB member locations. This document was updated in June 2022. If your bureau is not listed, or if you have a correction, please contact our office via e-mail, [email protected].

Tourism Matters

ICCVB engaged Tourism Economics to conduct an independent analysis of state tourism promotion funding in Illinois and to analyze the potential impacts to the state, and local economies, of hypothetical long-term reductions to state tourism promotion funding, also referred to as destination promotion funding. Select this link to access Tourism Matters and the complete study.

Illinois Tourism Funding 

ICCVB provides members and the industry with tools to support tourism funding efforts! Select this link to access Tourism Grows the Illinois Economy.

Illinois General Assembly

For information on your Illinois State Representatives and specific legislation, visit the Illinois General Assembly website.

Day At the Capitol 2020

Tourism Funding: A Must for the State of Illinois

This one-page flyer is an excellent source of information for members who are looking for support on the positive economic impact of tourism in Illinois. It addresses revenue and job generation in a succinct, understandable format. It was originally created to support ICCVB members participating in the Annual Lobby Day in Springfield. Select this link to download this PDF flyer.

Turing Strategies

For legislation of interest, please visit our legislative partner, Turing Strategies.